Cord Blood Banking Process

Cord Blood Banking Process

1. Enroll

Fast & Simple

  • Enroll in a personalized cord blood banking program right for your family by contacting a Core23 Biobank representative.
  • Once you have submitted your enrollment, a Core23 technician will assign you a unique identifying number and a collection kit. We will provide a Registration Confirmation certificate to you and your physician within 24 hours of enrollment. Core23 works harder than any other private cord blood bank to ensure your physician has all of the tools, tips, and advice necessary to provide the best quality collection of your child’s cord blood.
  • If you would like to speak to a friendly Core23 employee for more information, feel free to call our office at any time.

2. Health History

FDA Required Patient Profile

  • Along with your Registration Confirmation, Core23 will send you electronic instructions and a link to complete a series of questionnaires online. This should take you no more than 30-45 minutes from start to finish.
  • Donor screening is an FDA requirement and you must complete it prior to or immediately following your delivery.
  • Please contact us if you have trouble logging into the website or completing your medical history profile.

3. Keep Kit Safe

Don't Forget It

  • Once you have completed your enrollment and donor screening, a collection kit will be sent directly to your home address or to your clinic to be picked up at your next appointment.
  • Please keep the collection kit safe and with your hospital bag so you don’t forget it. If the physician does not have access to the collection kit, he/she will not be able to perform the collection.

4. Collection

Baby Time!

  • Give your kit to your doctor directly or to one of the nurses and remind them your plan to bank.
  • We will have already been in contact with them so they will know what to do, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do it focus on your delivery and the beautiful baby coming into your world.

5. Call For Transport

After Delivery

  • Give our medical courier line a call at 877.286.2323 Ext. 2 (also printed on kit) so they can come pick it up!
  • You will receive a text message once we receive your kit!

6. We Do The Rest

That's It!

  • After processing we will send you a storage certificate via email (a physical copy can be mailed upon request).
  • It takes about 30 days to get all of our test results back. Once we do we will mail you a test report card.