Core23 Biobank is the Industry Leader in Cord Blood Banking Services

As a state-of-the-art laboratory specializing in stem cell banking for regenerative medicine, we provide families across the nation a safe and secure way to save their baby’s umbilical cord stem cells. With our expertise, families now have the opportunity to take full advantage of this powerful, natural resource as a treatment option for many life-threatening or debilitating diseases. Below is our Top 10 reasons why you should choose Core23 Biobank as your stem cell storage facility. We have 17,235 reasons we can think of, but we narrowed down the list for you!


Core23’s mission is simple: to use our state-of-the-art cord blood banking technology to help protect your family from life-threatening diseases. We spend countless hours making sure we use the very best methods of collecting, processing and storing your baby’s cord blood, as every cell is critically important to both you and our staff. We want to help improve the quality of life for your family, whether through the security of knowing your baby’s stem cells are safe and ready if needed or by accessing the cord blood to treat a member of your family.

Our name, Core23, is derived from the 23 chromosome base pairs that make up everyone’s DNA. These “Core 23” chromosomes provide all the information needed to begin and sustain life. By storing your child’s cord blood, you have the ability to help treat potentially life-threatening diseases and save the life of a family member in need.

Core 23 Biobank is a nationwide company with more core blood educators per patient than any other core blood bank in the country. The extent of our expertise is complemented by our dedication to outstanding customer service. Core 23 Biobank provides local resources to answer your questions and offer the most helpful, personalized service in the industry.



We are a hybrid blood bank in Springfield, Missouri that combines aspects of both the public and private cord blood banking systems. In fact, we are the only private cord blood banking laboratory within a 500-mile radius of our state-of-the-art facility—providing families across the Midwest an easy, safe and secure opportunity to save, or donate, their baby’s umbilical cord blood, tissue and plasma.


As a private cord blood bank, we provide peace-of-mind for families knowing that their baby’s valuable cord blood is safe and secure. We have our own state-of-the art laboratory, an advanced processing center with cutting edge analysis software, as well as our own cryopreservation and storage facility onsite, allowing us to monitor and protect your sample in-house 24/7, 365 days a year.


We have a full disaster preparedness plan, including preparation for bad weather, inconsistent power supply and environmental changes by having battery backup systems that make electricity available within a fraction of a second. We have real time monitoring on the liquid nitrogen systems, safety monitoring systems and testing equipment so that nothing will interfere with the safe and secure long term storage of your family’s precious stem cells.




  • Build an inventory of high-quality cord blood units for transplantation, clinical trials, and research
  • Conduct research on non-controversial umbilical cord stem cells in hematology, regenerative medicine, and other disciplines
  • Educate health care professionals and the public about the value and uses of cord blood/tissues through prenatal classes and community outreach


We believe regenerative medicine advances in the future will serve as a powerful tool to repair the body with cord blood and tissue derived from stem cells, and children whose parents saved their cord blood will have enhanced access to viable stem cells. It is our mission to provide families the opportunity to take part of this new, and proven, modern medicine.

More Cells!

You will get more viable stem cells with Core23 than any other bank. Higher stem cell count is directly related to the engraftment or therapeutic healing potential of the cord blood. Once the cord blood comes into the lab there is absolutely nothing we can do about volume and cell count which is why Core23 works harder than anyone to train physicians on best collection techniques, provide videos, demonstrations, answer questions and ensure best practices are implemented.

More treatment options!

Once frozen, stem cells can only be unthawed and used once, they cannot be refrozen. Some treatments don’t need as many cells and if stored in one container then it is impossible to use only a part of the sample without wasting the rest. Core23 stores the stem cells in multiple freezing bags letting us get a more exact treatment volume and not waste any of these valuable cells.

Less risk of disease or contamination!

Microbial or fungal contamination can be a big factor for some banks and can lead to an unusable collection. It is a very time consuming and dedicating job to maintain a sterile environment. Our technicians are well trained in aseptic technique, wear an array of personal protective equipment and we also have a class 1,000 clean room and a class 10,000 buffer room to keep unwanted guests out.

Lowest cost!

Obviously, cost is a factor to some people and while our price might seem a little higher than some companies it is because of the perceived value – you get what you pay for. When you look at the potential of up to four different treatment options, because of the aliquots, you don’t get charged four different times to bank. We just want to give the patient as many options as possible.

More healthcare specialties can use our products than any other company!

As a company we want to put ourselves into a position to help as many people as we can, across multiple specialties for multiple conditions. With our collection of not only cord blood, tissue and plasma banking and the stem cells found within, we are proud to be the first bank to offer adult stem cell banking. This addition gives us the opportunity to work with nearly any specialty to help find a treatment for many conditions.

More clinical transplant support!

The entire point of cord blood banking and cellular therapy in general is for us to fight disease and help change lives for the better. If one of our patients ever ends up needing to have a treatment available, we will be the first to help them get to where they need to go. Whether it is a hospital down the road, a clinic in another state or a clinical trial in another country we will work our hardest to help out in whatever way possible.

Safer product!

This is a key difference for Core23, as many other collection bags use Heparin, a potentially dangerous compound that we feel has no place in the cord blood collection process. Our collection bag contains Citrate Phosphate Dextrose, a safe anticoagulant used to keep the cord blood in its proper form until it reaches our lab.

Increased likelihood of being able to use with direct relationships with hospital partners!

Having relationships with hospitals and doctors can be a great advantage when seeking treatment options. At Core23 we want any product that we manufacture to be of the highest quality for treatment. We continue to invent, design, create and discover better quality therapeutics to meet clinical transplant needs.

Safe and secure in Springfield, Missouri!

We want to offer our patients the very best customer service and support by having all of our operations centrally located in the US, all under one roof. Core23 is a debt free company located right in the middle of the country. We own all of our own facilities and have plenty of safeguards in place in case of unforeseen circumstances. Our headquarters are in a brick building built into the side of a hill with concrete on all sides. We aren’t going anywhere.

The process of banking with Core23 will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence knowing you made the right choice!

We want anyone who chooses to put their trust into us to know that we will do our best and show you why we are a leading cell therapy company not only in product but also in customer service. We have the best processing techniques, we have the best team, we have the best product, we do the heavy lifting for you, we try to make the process as easy and fun as possible. If there is anything that we can do to make it better, just let us know and we will be happy to do it!