Your baby’s umbilical cord is a magical thing. It is chocked full of valuable, non-controversial stem cells that are the building blocks of the human body—organs, tissues, blood and immune system. These powerful stem cells are giving medical researchers a powerful tool in the fight against degenerative diseases.

We provide families across the entire United States a safe and secure way to save their baby’s umbilical cord for private use, or information about opportunity to donate it for someone in need. Core23 Biobank is the countries leading private cord blood banking system (family banking) providing hope for families who want to take part of this powerful, and proven, modern medicine.

Medical researchers are constantly discovering new wonders about these naturally given stem cells from your child’s umbilical cord. Currently, cord blood is being used to successfully treat over 80-life threatening diseases including many cancers, bone marrow failure syndromes, blood disorders, metabolic disorders, and immunodeficiencies. Compare that to over 20 years ago when researchers only knew of one disease that could be treated with cord blood. And thanks to umbilical cord donations, researchers are exploring using cord blood for conditions like diabetes, cerebral palsy, autism, spinal cord injuries, stroke, and heart disease.



The advantages to saving or donating your child’s umbilical cord is paving the way for people to safely recover from what could be life-threatening diseases. With our expertise, you now have the opportunity to take full advantage of this powerful, natural resource.

Stem Cells

Everybody has stem cells in their body but as we age the number, potency, and healing power of these stem cells declines. The reduction in both the quality and quantity of stem cells is very important because they are the tool our body uses to heal itself. In general, the younger and less processed these cells are the more powerful and easy they are to use.

Cord Blood

Umbilical cord blood is especially rich in pure, potent, and powerful stem cells that are unique to the early stages of life and contain vast regeneration capability. The umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells are unique in their healing and regenerative medicine capabilities versus all other sources and types of stem cells making them the ideal choice for many applications.

Cord Blood Banking

Cord Blood Banking is the process of freezing your extra stem cells in liquid nitrogen at temperatures around -320 degrees Fahrenheit. By storing (cryopreserving) your child’s umbilical cord blood stem cells they will be safe and ready to use years or even decades in the future. The cord blood banking process is extremely easy and this investment in your families future can pay enormous dividends in the future.

Protection for your whole family?

“The advantages to cord blood banking your child’s stem cells is having a safety net to help recover from what could be life-threatening diseases. This safety net can be used not only for that child but potentially for other first and second degree relatives. With our expertise, you now have the opportunity to take full advantage of this powerful, natural resource.”

Increased Value Over Time

Umbilical cord blood stem cells increase in value over time for three key reasons.

Additional Applications

As research and innovation in stem cell therapies progresses there continue to emerge additional applications for the use of umbilical cord stem cells.

Larger Family

Over time our families grow and we have more people who could potentially benefit from genetically compatible or closely related stem cells.

Increased Risk

As we age our ability to heal declines and the risk of developing a disease or injury that is treatable with umbilical cord stem cells also increases.

Learn About Cord Blood Banking Services

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The benefits of umbilical cord blood stem cell banking extend beyond only that child but also to other family members.



There are over 80+ different treatments and applications for umbilical cord stem cells and that list is growing.


For Families

Related stem cell products are very important when evaluating the genetic compatibility of a therapy.

For Families

Private Banking

There are three options for umbilical cord stem cell banking here you can explore and pick the plan that is right for you.

Private Banking