Together You and a Baby Can Help Save a Life

For Healthcare Providers

With your help, more families can access what might be the most powerful resource for regenerative medicine—their baby’s umbilical cord.

For Healthcare Providers

The decision to secure this life-saving resource must be made quickly for expectant parents. That’s why it’s imperative they understand the value and benefits of preserving their child’s umbilical cord, either for private storage or public donation. As the only private cord blood banking system (family banking) within a nearly 500-mile radius of our laboratory in Springfield, Missouri—we provide families across the Midwest an easy and secure opportunity to take part of this new, and proven, modern medicine.

We participate in the research and development of the latest science and technology toward optimizing our services. We follow very strict guidelines when processing the cord blood and cord tissue stem cells that are FDA approved. We follow the National Marrow Donor Program’s Investigational New Drug (IND) and FDA Biologic Licensing Application (BLA) guidance for cord blood processing that includes:

  • Minimal manipulation of the original characteristics of the cells
  • Using the cord blood to replenish the bone marrow in patients with blood-related malignancies
  • Using the cord blood in recipients unrelated to the donor of the stem cells

Advantages of Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Stem Cells

Saving the umbilical cord provides families a type of “health insurance” they cannot get anywhere else. When your patients store their child’s umbilical cord it provides them an easy access to a reliable stem cell donor. Studies have proven that it is much easier to match stem cell transplant patients with cord blood versus stem cells from adult donors.

Studies have also shown family members needing to undergo a stem cell transplant have more success if that transplant comes from another family member, and that patient is less likely to develop Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD). This is especially true for those of mixed race or ethnic backgrounds, where finding a donor to match might be more difficult.

Treatments with Cord Blood

We are dedicated to safely collecting and storing cord blood and cord tissue stem cells for clinical therapy and regenerative medicine. Medical researchers are constantly discovering new treatments a baby’s umbilical cord brings to the world of regenerative medicine. So far cord blood has helped thousands of people recover from life-threatening diseases including:

Diseases Treatable with Cord Blood

Compare that to just 20 years ago, when researchers performed the first cord blood stem cell transplant, when they only knew of one disease that could be treated with cord blood.

And with medical researchers focusing on regenerative medicine, the possibilities of using cord blood and cord tissue stem cells could greatly expand to include diseases that currently have no cure.

Collecting cord blood is safe for both your patient and their baby. We talk extensively with the patient about the procedure and even allow them to tour our facility to learn more about our services. We provide patients an easy-to-use kit that they will give to you for the umbilical cord collection. Once the collection is complete, we will send a medical courier to safely deliver the valuable stem cells to our laboratory for processing and storage. Rest assured, we keep all information collected from the patient, either for private or public donation, confidential.